Science Shirt for Biology Nerds

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Science Shirt for Biology Nerds


Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics. You know when you talk about a trait being dominant or recessive? That's referencing his groundbreaking work on pea plants! This shirt has a drawing of Mendel himself (sassily snapping his fingers), with a pea plant, and a Punnett Square, which is used to illustrate inheritance of traits.

Super soft blend of cotton and jersey polyester
Durable, long-lasting screenprinting ink
Flattering fit, pre-shrunk

Scoop or V-neck
Numerous color options (see second to last photo)
Sizes S - 2XL (sizing in last photo)

We take pride in our responsibility, responsiveness, and friendliness

Made to order but quick turnaround time
Designed in Philadelphia, PA
Printed in Ames, Iowa


I absolutely could not be happier with the shirt I ordered. The packaging was also so cool. - Brandi N.

Thank you for the amazing product! It was prepared and shipped fast and I was in excellent contact with the shop the entire time. The shirts are very high quality, soft, and true to size (a little stretchy too). There is nothing that could have gone better! - Madeline O.

It's even cuter than it looks online (and these are freaking precious). I thought the shirt was just going to be a regular women's cut tee but this is a REALLY nice shirt!!! It is SO soft and the cut is perfect! Thank you SO much! - Elle W.

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